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Website Designing & Development - Hive Solutions

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Website Designing & Development” font_container=”tag:h2|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At Hive Solutions we build Web Pages that are not only attractive to users, but we also consider usability and accessibility as part of our web design’s standard quality protocol. All the pages that we build are search engine optimized and comply with industry standards set by World Wide Web Consortium. All these practices will bring quality traffic and real concerned visitors to your website.

Hive Solutions prides itself on being a full-service interactive development company. We are highly committed to work with each client on personal level, so we can provide the online solutions that make sense for your organization. If you are looking for a ready made solution; consider going through our ready made IT solutions sections. Or to have a custom design for your website, choose from our webdesign packages.

A typical website goes through following phases.

Web Design
Web Design Implementation
Deployment (public release)
Maintenance/changes (optional)
After meeting with clients a detailed proposal is submitted along with cost estimate.
3 copies of mockup design for your approval.
Converting the design into webpage with contents.
Full functional test release for our test team and you.
Your website is accessible for general public.
We provide one month of maintenance free of cost. For extended maintenance, consider our maintenance plans.

A detailed look at what is Web Designing

Today is the time of technological advancements. Every minute of each day, technology witnesses the sophistication, drastic changes and emerging innovations. Keeping the pace up with the ever-growing technology, web designing too sails through the waves of novelty and improvements. Today’s user comes across the alluring and heart-warming web designs in pakistan whenever the computer gets on to log onto the web. Web designing in Pakistan business sees a rapid growth in the present scenario because the world has turned into global village and the need of the Internet has soared to heights making lucrative room for the web designers to design the website to churn out mammoth amount of money along with the beneficial career in the growing industry.

Web designers play a vital part in the world of web designing Pakistan since the web design’s naissance originates from the clutches of these web pacesetters. Admit the rich content appears to be the imperious element to grab the viewers to a website but it is nonetheless the web design that has to be vivacious and intriguing to help the viewer stay at the junction and return time and again. And to doll up this, the website designer’s job comes into the scene.

Since the catchy web designing is the central protagonist of the web celluloid and your website is nothing and seems lethargic rather falls flat if the web designing is mundane, choosing a good web design firm should be a prime focus to rope in to the dexterous personnel to design a website.

Where a website designer has to be skilled in the art of adorning the web pages with aplomb in a manner that instantly catches the eyeballs, he must be equally apt and proficient in creating ideas having a remarkable aesthetic sense. The creativity must be lying in the brain or (else) the skill cannot hit the ball hard single-highhandedly.

Understanding your medium, you can grab the better web designing. Even in today’s fast paced world where technology is user-friendly being colossally vast, many people do not understand the web design (though there are many examples of top web designs from agencies and top companies and there are tutorials available too). Among them, there are a number of eminent business houses and many others including the ones who claim to possess the skill of design.

There are certain people in the field of web designing and in the designing companies (and even labeled with good services and portfolio), who do not understand the web design at all nonetheless, have the job of designing the websites or supervising the web designers and developers. Also it is seen that those who do not understand the web are offered to evaluate the web. They are absolutely not affordable at all in a web design company. If you want to have better websites, better work and well-informed client-age then the need to educate is a MUST. For a business of web design Pakistan, one has to be cautious to implement the things (including programs and software solutions used) carefully.

Mind you, it is much difficult to understand the web design when you do not understand the web at all. Thus grasp the knowledge of web and hire the staff in your web design companies who is well conversant with the knowledge of web.

Pouring light on the web in the past, it comes up that in 1994; the web was weird and wild whereas in 1999, it became kingmaker. And by the time the year 2001 approached, the web turned to be a bust. In 2002, the news folks explored the blogs and the journey went on.

Where others take the web designing wrongly, news media too gets it wrong. It is seen that professional associations take the web designing wrong every other day. Every year, we get to see the contests for ‘new media design’ conducted by the advertising and design magazines and professional organizations. They all call it ‘new media design’.

Exceptions are there that the creators of winning entries take the web for advertising and marketing campaigns where the web users unreceptively experience the Flash and video contents online. For the users of the web who claim to be the active users, there exists gaming. But as you people and the people like me think of the active web use is limited to click Digg this Page’ button. It is vivid that the stuff appears to be the cream of any web design (including ecommerce websites), thus there should be a focus on the same to make a working web design.

It is not true that the ones who are smart in print designing can be equally smart for the web as well. Sophisticated critics understand it well that the web is not print so they know the designing for the web is utterly different and of course there are limitations as well of every design discipline. A good catchy web design is swathed with the elements of graphic design and illustration.

The question tickles in mind as to what is web design? Well, the web design is not a book design, poster design nor is an illustration (though it is included in a webpage). Websites may be the delivery systems for games and the visuals and obviously these delivery systems could be eye-pleasing to look at and such sites may appear to be the examples of game design and video storytelling but are not web design. Thus, what is web design?

The definition of a web design is as follows:

“It is the formation or development of the digital environment, which facilitates and persuades human activity; reflects to individual voices and content. It keeps changing benevolently in due course but always maintaining the identity.”

Catchy and commendable web designs are like the splendid buildings. As every office building has lobby, bathroom and staircase. Just like that, websites too share commonalities. The inexperienced web designer would always complain that many websites use bad html and layout, grids, columns and a number of sites are boxy. But an experienced web designer, just like an expert newspaper art director, finds that the projects to be worked upon will be having headers, columns and footers. His job is not to whimper complaints about the emerging commonalities of templates but to use all of them in order to create the web pages which look idiosyncratic, natural, brand appropriate, delicately memorable and quietly but unambiguously appealing. The above mentioned comprehensively dashed off stuff is what lets you know about the web design in Pakistan.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]